S: 40CM / 49CM
L: 50CM / 60CM


  • Made of an aluminum frame and synthetic leather lining that gives the patient comfort due to the light weight of the materials used in their installation, they can be used in the shower.
  • Equipped with screws on to restrict spine movement as needed.
  • Adjustable stirring and loosening cushions to restrict torsion. It allows precise adjustment of the frame without the need to remove the screws.
  • Supported by two comfortable liners in the cutting and supra pubic regions.
  • Patented patented lock-down system that is easy to use.


Cases of compression fractures of the middle and lower thoracic regions and fractures of the lumbar vertebrae, cases of conservative treatment in cases of fractures of the vertebra that do not allow operations in the sternum and lumbar spine regions, Sherman’s disease, to provide protection after surgeries and during the recovery period.