S: 75CM / 85CM
M: 85CM / 95CM
L: 95CM / 105CM
XL: 105CM / 115CM
XXL: 115CM / 125CM


  • It is made of an aluminum frame lined with artificial leather that gives comfort to the patient due to the light weight of the materials involved in its installation, and can also be used during the shower.
  • Axial stability provides in the event of bone collapse due to fragility of the sternal and lumbar region of the spine.
  • It has the ability to make 3D adjustments via a pre-mounted system or a gear lock that allows for easy and accurate adjustment.
  • Ensures rotational stability as a result of the cushioning under the collar.


  • Temporary orthopedic orthopedic after surgery for fractures of the vertebrae, orthopedic orthosis to care for surgical conditions of spinal tumors
  • Post-operative orthopedic orthopedic orthosis, for post-operative spinal decompression care, with and without internal fixation.