S: 40CM / 49CM
L: 50CM / 60CM


It is made of an aluminum frame lined with artificial leather that gives comfort to the patient due to the light weight of the materials involved in its composition, and can also be used in the shower. It is composed of a metal front frame covered with a medical plate that protects the skin from friction in pressure areas. Designed to provide pressure on the spine with the three-point pressure system (sternum – supra-pubic-back) that allows the spine to stretch and prevent it from bending or twisting. Equipped with a movable shear plate, a moving pelvic plate and a plate for the mid-back region. Adjustable height, width and degree of hyperextension The corset is fitted with a back strap and a tongue lock, which allows for special tension control, depending on the patient.


Compression fractures of the vertebrae, osteoporosis and vertebral arthritis, restriction of movement after disc surgery, straightening for postoperative care.