S: 31CM / 34CM
M: 34CM / 37CM
L: 37CM / 40CM
XL: 40CM / 44CM
XXL: 44CM / 48CM


  • Made of 3mm neoprene fabric, it provides therapeutic heat to soothe joint pain.
  • On both sides there are flexible spring bushes of foula to provide support and reduce pressure on the lateral ligament.
  • An open kneecap where its strings are supported by a silicone circumferential cushion that relieves pressure and provides stability.
  • Cross ligaments are in line with the principle of the three anchors that provide stability to the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee.
  • Equipped with a velcro strap to keep the corset in the correct position and with appropriate tension. Fits right and left knee together.
  • Relieves pain by reducing the load on the joint


Anterior cruciate ligament injuries and knee instability, joint cartilage damage, patella stability, postoperative or bruised for protection and rehabilitation purposes.