S: 31CM / 34CM
M: 34CM / 37CM
L: 37CM / 40CM
XL: 40CM / 44CM
XXL: 44CM / 48CM


Made of 3mm neoprene fabric, it provides support and provides therapeutic heat to soothe joint pain. Steel joints on both sides to provide support and restrict the movement of the knee as it prevents them from overextending. Removable top and bottom straps with velcro fasteners to keep the corset in place and with the right tension. An open patella with a silicone pad to reduce pressure on the patella. Anatomical knee design with soft bezels for a comfortable feel. Proportional to
With the right or left knee relieves pain by reducing the load on the joint.


Arthritis, tendons and ligaments, ligament instability and joint cartilage problems, knee strain and sprain, patella pain and sports injuries, postoperative or traumatic for protection and rehabilitation purposes.